Is U.S. Ryder Cup Team better off without Tiger?

The following article which was published at recently has some very interesting and very differing opinions of Tiger Woods non-participation with the U.S team in the Ryder Cup in September. Sharing their views are Farrell Evans, Bob Harig and Kevin Maguire all of

“For the second time in his Ryder Cup career , both due to injury, Tiger Woods will be on the sideline when the biennial matches begin Sept. 26 in Scotland.

So could the American squad, clearly taking the underdog role since it won all of once since 1999 (albeit it was without Woods in 2008), actually thrive without the former world No. 1?

1. Fact or fiction: Team USA is better off with Tiger Woods on the sideline this year at Gleneagles.

Farrell Evans, senior golf writer: Fact: Tiger is not at full strength and his game is in a mess. Good riddance to all the drama surrounding him. Team USA will be just fine without him.

Bob Harig, senior golf writer: Not necessarily. Obviously, Tiger’s game isn’t worthy at the moment, but if he were to get his health issues in order, he’s got a lot of experience and would have been huge to have around for singles. Perhaps the biggest loss will be felt in the team room. Tiger is far better in that environment than given credit for at the Ryder Cup.

Kevin Maguire, senior golf editor: Fact, as long as it’s the Tiger we saw at the PGA Championship. That Woods should shut it down for the rest of the year, as he announced this week. One has to wonder if he returned too early from back surgery in late June (probably), pushed himself too hard to play the year’s final two majors (likely) and now is suffering the consequences of injuries to miss the rest of the year (definitely.)

2. Who benefits the most from Tiger’s absence as it relates to the Ryder Cup?

Evans: I don’t know that it’s one player in particular who benefits from his absence, but more of a boon for the collective team chemistry of the U.S. side. If Tiger had been on that squad, he would have been a major distraction, even a source of resentment among the players for his selfishness for taking a spot he didn’t earn or merit a captain’s pick.

Harig: Tiger. The pressure on him would have been enormous had he been chosen under these circumstances. And it would have put even more focus on him, perhaps to his detriment as well as the team’s.

Maguire: The guy who gets hot during the PGA Tour playoffs. You know, the pro who was 15th to 20th in the Ryder Cup standings who posts a couple of top-10 finishes at the Barclays and the Deutsche Bank Championship, then gets his name high on Tom Watson’s radar. The fact that Woods isn’t playing gives Watson some wiggle room without having to play politics (at least where it concerns the Woods/health situation.)”

To read more of this interesting look at Tiger Woods and the US Ryder Cup Team CLICK HERE

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Topsail Island offers lots of tours for visitors to the area. You can take a marine tour around the island, enjoy a leisurely cruise along the intracoastal waterway, or take daily adventure walks along Topsail Beach.


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If you’re visiting Topsail Island, one of the most popular things to do is sample the incredibly diverse range of seafood available in the region. Much of it is locally caught and the majority of restaurants in town showcase what’s on offer beautifully.

Missiles and More Museum

The Missiles and More Museum gives you the opportunity to view plenty of maritime marvels, including historical exhibits and even a pirate exhibit especially for the kids.

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